Alaxe in Zombieland Video Slot Review


Alaxe In Zombieland Slot Game

Alaxe In Zombieland Slot Game

The story of Alice in Wonderland is entirely twisted in ALAXE IN ZOMBIELAND, the newest and possibly the most bizarre game from MICROGAMING.  We all know the sweet characters in wonderland, but in Zombieland, they are all “un-dead,” except sweet little Alaxe.  Watch her hack her way through Zombieland to bring you frightening amounts of cash!


ALAXE IN ZOMBIELAND is entirely unique in the way the familiar characters are all “Zombiefied.”  Alaxe battles the evil zombies that are usually thought of as beloved figures – the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat and others to keep you winning despite their wicked ways.  There are even multiple bonuses that help you win big!

If you enter the Tea Party Feature you have an abundance of chances to win.  When your favorite teapots add up to give you free spins and multipliers, you can win more cash than can fill the hat of the Mad Hatter.

Even zombies love roses, and the Red Queen’s Adventure Feature allows you to enter multiple levels bringing along beautiful red roses. But in ALAXE IN ZOMBIELAND you still need to choose your doorway to escape the evil with all your treasure.

Alaxe In Zombieland Slot Game

In ALAXE IN ZOMBIELAND there is also a creepy Gravestones Feature, where you must hack through cards to receive credits.  But no worries!  The cards are all stacked in your favor to even further your winnings.

ALAXE IN ZOMBIELAND, the most bizarre slot game that ever gave you such unique and scary chances to win!

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