Ahoy!  With the latest release from MICROGAMING, it’s BOOTY TIME™!

Pirate Booty, that is.

Argh!  Here you’ll find treasures beyond your wildest imagination.  Squawk with your feathery friends; a pirate crew of fair weather fowl and their collection of gold doubloons just waiting for you to capture.  Step up, me hearties, like a coxswain’s mate, and pillage and plunder the treasures of the open sea.  Come aboard with a few pence and return to port with an Admiral’s fortune.


BOOTY TIME is already rich with stunning graphics and clever animation; but it’s waiting for a lucky breeze to blow your way and award you a wave of cash.

Then, to arms with your cutlass and slash your way to the BOOTY BONUS!  Pack more gold in your chest when the buried treasure is revealed. You’ll then set sail again with your bounty of free spins and multipliers large enough to pay a king’s ransom.

Back on the main deck, your free turns of the wheel can retrigger another BOOTY BONUS.  That’s twice as nice a booty as ye will ever see!  And these BOOTIES GET WILD, with plenty of chances to DOUBLE YOUR PRIZES. 

So raise the Skull & Bones, splice the main brace, weigh the anchor, and give the order.