Watch the horizon of the Great Plains, eyes peeled, senses on edge. You’re seeking Microgaming’s new release, White Buffalo, and the gold rush that the mythic
beast provides.

White Buffalo Video Slot

Spoken of by many, seen by few, this illusive animal promises a stampede of riches
to the one who tames him. He hides his treasure in the snow or the glare of the sun.
His fur is marked from those who dared to battle him and take his riches.

And you’re next.  Subdue this beast and his treasures are yours!

You’ll roundup a heard of cash on the hoof with the White Buffalo on your side.

So settle in your boots, throw on your duster and pull your brimmed hat down tight.
Take your weight in the stirrups and ride for the gleam of gold you saw on the horizon. You’re after the White Buffalo a stampede of winning.